Approval period

If you purchase one of our products your are entitled to an approval period of 14 days. You may return the product within the approval period, without reason given.

Rules during the approval period

During the approval period you may only use the product to evaluate if it meets your demands and / if you really want to keep it. If you fully use the product and return it within 14 days, we reserve the right to ask for a compensation. For more information with regard to rules and legislation during the approval period we refer to the website of Keurmerkshops.

The approval period of 14 days is applicable to all European countries with the exception of Malta and Slovenia. These countries are entitled to an approval period of 15 days. The approval period starts once you have received your order.

Return costs

Would you like to return your order? You are responsible for theft and loss during transport. We won’t refund any return costs, unless our customer service arranged this with you. Upon receipt of your package, we will refund the purchase price within 14 days. If you return a product, don’t forget to mention your data such as name/address/residence/order number/bank account number clearly. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: